About Us

Get To Know Us

Our school is founded in 1991, provides training in a private school status under the Ministry of Education. It supports psycho-motor, emotional, cognitive, social and language development of children and reinforces self-care skills in accordance with the programs determined by the ministry.

The school provides education and training services for 3-6-year-old children.

The physical conditions of our school are prepared for the emotional and physical development of our children in all age groups, as aesthetically pleasing classrooms and game rooms with importance given to details, within which providing opportunities to play and have fun freely, where security is given a high priority.

In addition, finger recognition system at door entrances, a camera, a 32-inch LCD TV, a computer, filtered air cleaners, a cordless phone and thermos systems consisting of disposable pads are used in each class.

Our Mission

We strive to raise individuals who are bound to Ataturk’s principles and revolutions, capable of expressing their thoughts, defending their beliefs, respecting the thoughts of others, researching, questioning, thinking freely and creatively, who can think of our own values, who knows good, right and beautiful.

Our Vision

Our school is a preschool institution for 3-6 years-old children, that supports all developmental fields of children, discovers talents, where creativity is at the forefront, children experience by making freely, and “High Scope” educational model besides multi intelligence theory is applied.

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