Life In Our School


In our school, breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast are prepared by Canku preschool.

Canku preschool aims to prepare students for quality and healthy meals by adhering to the rules of hygiene.

The menus that are created by dietitian and quality control responsible calorie calculations are presented to the students.


According to the Private Security Law No. 5188 and related regulations; our serving school and staff act with the responsibility of the law.

In order to contribute to the Training of Protection and Security Personnel, first aid, fire, earthquake safety, person rights and effective communication trainings are provided in specific periods of time.

Canku preschool takes all the necessary precautions regarding the safety of our children and takes advantage of the technology and provides the highest level of security services.

At the entrance of our school, where safety is very important, there are fingerprint control systems and 14 security cameras which record from various angles.


Their comfortable and safe journeys make us happy as they are.

Our every service vehicle has children’s safety.

The knowledge of our hostess and driver friends are kept updated through in-service trainings.

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