Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

The main purpose of our Psychological Counseling and Guidance services is;
• Monitoring the developmental processes of our children during their stay in our school
• In the light of these follow-ups; recognizing the strengths of the child, supporting the sides that are open to development
• Sharing and collaborating with class teachers
• Transfer of information to families and establishment of cooperation systems where necessary
• Testing if necessary
• A family information seminar per month.

Our children;

• Social and emotional development and external attitudes
• Motor skills
• Expression skills
• Cognitive maturity and skills
• Learning behaviors
• School maturity is monitored from a pedagogical perspective.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance in our school starts with not only being supportive to our children while they are getting used to the school but also with their families. It continues with togetherness for recognition, noticing, support, prevention and problem-solving during the year.

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